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This story is about Khushii- a dreamy , childish , silent , shy girl with a pinch of maturity.

Khushi’s story is bit interesting. So lets see what she has in store for us?

That day Khushi was bit disturbed. She was sitting at her favourite corner of the house – her self decorated gallery.

From the colour of the wall to the colour of the lamps. From the number of the lamps to the number of the flower pots everything was of her choice.

It was her own place – her place of sukoon.

Whenever she was angry , sad , fustrated , tensed ,excited ; she used to come & sit there – in the gallery & feel relaxed.

But that day , even her place of sukoon failed to give her sukoon. She was very disturbed.

May be because – Tomorrow was a big a day.

Khushi was nervous , tensed , frightened , sad & even happy too. She was unable to guess what exactly she was feeling at that time!

Suddenly everything started flashing in front of her eyes. Her childhood , her school & college days – in short her journey till now.

She was amazed how her life turned up to become this? How she got changed so much?

Wanna know Khushi’s story. ….. Then stay tuned.

Till then FEEL ME…. LOVE ME….


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On 5th May as usual I went to see my friend ( Actually to see mayur as he stays there just I dont know exactly where?).

So that day I told my friend about Mayur. I showed her his pic. And then she told me that she knows him & that he stays in front of her house only. And I was so heart broken yr. Like I roamed here & there like mad just to find where he stays exactly. And now I’m getting to know that he stays exactly in front of the place where I used to sit & do mastii all time. ( pehele pata hota toh us jaga se kabhi uthti hi nhi yr).

I was damn frustrated at that time. Like I was wandering here & there like an idiot & I got to know where he stays on the last day itself . Wow… Great work done Destiny.

Then I got to know even more things. My friend told me that he is damn famous among girls & my other schoolmate – Riya who also stays there was flirting with him yesterday ( like what? How you dare to do that? Itna bada dokha. Kk.. I know that’s over drama). And the thing which made me more furious was that – Mayur was also giving her attention & they were chit-chatting for about half an hour ( Mere sath toh just 10 mins baat karta he & uske sath half an hour. Waah….)

But this angry lasted for just some minutes only because the thought of not been able to see him again is 10000000000 times more painful than seeing him with someone else.

I didn’t wanted him to be my boyfriend , friend or anything else. I didn’t wanted him to talk to me. I just wanted to see him. I just wanted to see that damn smile. That’s all. Nothing else.

I was praying lik hell. I just wanted him to stay. But may be destiny had some other plans.

So May 6 was here. I woke up at 6 , got ready & went for morning walk. I was waiting for him to come. And he came at 7:30. After completing his exercise he signalled me to come at our point. And we were there for the last time may be.

I was trying to keep myself busy on my cell just to avoid looking at his face, just to avoid eye contact. But he took my cell & told me to listen to what he wants to say. Then he told me about how’s packing going all & other normal stuff. Then I asked him whether he is going to meet me or not? He said – yes at 8 o’ clock. And he did handshake & went away.

Today rather than blushing all the way home I was sad. My eyes were almost moist. My heart was shattered. In evening, I was going to meet him for the last time. I dont know how to express what I felt at that time? It was horrible.

I wanted to gift him something which would remind him of me always. I searched everywhere for something special. And finally I got that. It was a small guitar key chain. It was a perfect gift for a musician.

And as time was passing by, my heart beats were increasing. I was damn nervous . I dont know why? But I was.

So at 8 o’ clock me & my friend Tanvi were waiting for him near ground. He was 15 minutes late.

When he came he gave me that damn smile & my heart beats increased to a greater extent. And the first word he utter was ” I have to go. We will just take one round & then I’ll go. Everyone is waiting for me.” And I said kk. Then he punched me. And I told tanvi – See he is a boxer so he is showcasing his boxing skills on me. And yogaguru blushed.

Then we entered the ground & started walking & within 5 minutes the round came to an end also. I gave him his gift. And he liked it. Then I told tanvi that I’ll come in 5 minutes & Mayur & I started walking towards our point for the last time. And while going there he told me that I’m looking hot.And I was on cloud nine literally.

We reached at our point. And he put forth his hand for the last handshake. And after that he turned to leave when I stopped him & asked for a hug. He smiled & hugged me. I wanted to hug him tight. I didn’t wanted to let him go. I really wanted to hug yogaguru tightly & cry my heart out. But that was just a friendly hug like a side hug. I guess you know what I mean.

And he turned to go. And I said – I’ll text you when board’s result are out. And do tell me if u ever have a girlfriend again. And he smiled & said okay. And he went away.

I was watching him go. I was trying to control my tears. But tears found their way out. The love of my life was going & I was just watching him go & I was unable to stop him.

I prayed. I begged. But God didn’t listened to any of my prayers. Destiny played his game very well.

Then I went back to Tanvi. And she asked me how I met Mayur? And I narrated the whole story with each & every detail. And while doing so my heart was ๐Ÿ’”. My eyes were moist. And I was trying my best to hide my emotions.

It’s been 2 years since he left. But still I love him as I used to back then . I miss him a lot.

He is still in my everything. While reading I miss him. While listening songs I miss him. My YouTube is full of his songs. My gallery is full of his photos. My heart is full of his memories.

I still avoid going near that ground , our point & the place where he used to stay. Because whenever I go there I miss him like hell. All those memories flashes in front of my eyes . And… And my heart again call out for him. But as usual it never gets his answer.

I’m still trying to get over his thoughts but everytime I fail very badly. I make up my mind to hate him but my heart ends up loving him again.

I didn’t realised when I started loving him to this extent.

Hiii Guyssss…. Please tell me whether u liked, loved or hated the story. You can text me on instagram or else comment below in the comment section .

I’ll be back with a new love story soon.



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Guys…. Did I told you that Mayur used to love my hair?. He used to love my curls ( As my hair are curly af). And I was the only girl who used to keep her hair open while going for a morning walk ( Ya… I know that’s different level of weirdness). But do you know the best part. Yogaguru told me to keep them open always. He used to love them like that only. And from that day , I had never ever tied my hair while going out. ( And those who used to wonder why this girl roams like a bhoot always? Here’s your answer)

And guys I asked him about everything I noticed . One day I asked him why he used to stare our group? And he replied that my group was the only group who used to just sit & talk & do masti rather than exercising ( Okay!! That was insulting) .

Then he asked me about that ‘wait wait’ wala incident . For Mayur that was a planned incident. And I was like No dude. Why would I’ll plan such thing? It was just a favour done by destiny on me ( Wow… Destiny was so good to me . Like how?).

And do u remember about our filmy moment. I told him about that too. But he didn’t understood what I wanted to say . So I changed the topic (As I didn’t wanted to be weird. Like I am weird. Just I didn’t wanted him to know that I am weird. Because if he came to know that I am weird bhaag jayega na woh. But you can’t hide such things naa).

By the way…Do u guys know the way yogaguru used to pronounce my name was just damn cute. He used to say JAN….. & then after some seconds he used to say ……HAVI. And that was the sweetest thing anyone did to my name.

Mayur used to stay at his uncle’s place. And there my friend also used to stay. So just to see him once again I used to go there everyday. I used to roam in that locality like an insane child ( as I didn’t knew where he stays exactly).

And phir ek din yogaguru ne bataya ki usne mujhe uske ghar ke paas dekha. And from that day onwards my rounds in that locality increased. Like I used to go there in morning too & evening was my regular thing only.

Yes, I was that madly in love with him.

And 6th May was going to come in next 2 days. And I was praying like hell to God to do anything but just make him to stay here. I even suggested ideas to God. Like I suggested God to extend his project period & many more such stupid ideas which I’m not going to reveal ( Or else you guys will book one bed for me in mental hospital)

Then on 5th May we meet. And nothing seemed to be normal. Like we both knew that may be this is the last time we are seeing each other. Last time we are talking.

But I didn’t wanted to end our journey like this. So I asked him whether he will meet me tomorrow in evening as I also wanted to give him something. And he said yes.

And in evening …..

Wait for the next blog….

Till then FEEL ME…..LOVE ME…


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When mayur came to me khudse….I thought our love story is gonna get kick started. But instead of that I got that heart breaking news & our love story before getting a kick start…..It got kicked so badly that it came to an end.

But that was not the end actually.

There was still some hope.

See na …. like out of all the girls out there in that garden, he chose me ( Neha ko chodh ke bhi๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚). So that means, he was interested in me.

And this thought raised a new ray of hope within me & helped me join the shattered pieces of my world & helped me rebuild it.

We used to talk daily for atleast 10 minutes at our point (my love point). And those 10 minutes used to boost my whole day. And yes , before going he used to do handshake daily without fail.

One day, he took my hand in his hand & said – Your hands are so soft. Why girls hands are so soft? Then I pointed out at his hands & said – Because your hands are so rough. And uffff….. that damn smile again.

Then he didn’t came for next 2 days. And I missed him like hell. I was feeling so weird to ask him why he is not coming? Because I wanted to give him his space. I didn’t wanted to interfer. I was not his girlfriend (Though I wanted to be). So I didn’t asked him but talked about all the other rubbish things. And then he got bored of waiting for me to ask him so he told me himself that he got injured while skating (And then also that boy was exercising that day…pagal yogaguru).

And that day I told him about my craze for songs (lik I’m really very fond of songs. I love listening songs. Its my fav thing to do). And I told him about my telugu song collection also (Ya…I’m crazy… I’m Maharashtrian. So my mother tongue is Marathi. And I dont understand a single word of telugu. Then also I like to hear them because the music & singers are so awesome).

And yogaguru liked them too And then he took out my side of earphone too & plugged in his ear & started listening to songs alone. And after some time he placed his hands on my shoulder. And I was like again feeling those sparks & all. And he said -” I was nervous to do this earlier. But now I can do this”. And I was just looking at him ( As I had no idea what to say now).

Then he told me about his past relationships. He told me about everything related to him ( which I don’t think so is appropriate to share over here). I was moved. Like he shared everything with me without giving it a second thought. And again respect for him reached the sky

And then many more things happened… n yes 6th May was also arriving very fast.

And then…..

Wait for next blog…

Till then FEEL ME….LOVE ME….


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I know you guys were curiously waiting for this. So lets begin.

Mayur then told me that he is from Nagpur. He came here (Mumbai) for some project. He was in Mumbai since last 3 months. And….And now he was going back to Nagpur on 6th May ( Yes, I still remember that day & date when he left…) I was literally shocked. Like my yogaguru was going to go away from me. And there were just few days left for 6th of May. And it literally broke my heart.

I fell in love from the day I saw him for the very first time. I dont know When? How? But I felt like he was a part of me. Like he was my small little world of Happiness.

I thought my life was going on awesome. Like in morning I used to stare at yogaguru all the time ( without letting my friends know about it) & then after that I used to go home , eat & then go to library & then spent all day reading books & watching south Indian movies & listening songs.

Everything was perfect. And I was the happiest person on earth. But my world got shatter in pieces after listening that.

May be this will not sound that heart breaking to you. But it was for me.

Imagine. You have been dreaming for a thing for lifetime & now you know you are just few steps away from achieving that thing. But suddenly you got to know that…that thing cant be yours as it is going away for forever.

If he had a girlfriend naa…that to was damn okay to me. Atleast mein usko roj dekh toh pati. But….But the thought of never been able to see him again was 10000000000000 times more ๐Ÿ’”.

I won’t be able to see him again. I wont be able to see that damn smile again.

His voice pulled me out of my thoughts.

Then I looked at him. His smile. His damn smile. After seeing that damn smile I forgot all the things that were going on in my mind. His smile had that power ; you know. It was my medicine. It had the power of healing me & making me stress free & making me fall for him again & again.

Then he said- You guys carry on. I’ll go & do exercise. And he went away. I was watching him go. And seeing him go a bit away from me was also so painful. Imagine what will happen to me after he has gone forever.

Well you will get to know that soon.

Anyway. Then he again came & he handed over his skipping rope to me & he told me to wait till he finishes his exercise. So I took it & sat a bit away from him. You know, I was taking care of that skipping rope like it was some kind of treasure. His skipping rope was that important to me. Imagine how important he was & is?

So after his exercise, he came & told me that he will be in the garden ( he comes at 7:30 in d ground for exercise then at 8-8:15 he goes to the garden near that ground as it has gym equipments & then after that he goes to another garden & I don’t know what he does over there as he didn’t allowed me to go there ever). I said okay. So after 10 mins me & my friends too went to that garden. He was there exercising. And after some time my friends were gรฒne & me & yogaguru were left alone.

So we came out of the garden & reached the point where we had to go in opposite directions ( That was our point. My love point. There we used to talk for at least 10 mins daily. And those 10 mins meant whole world to me).

So after reaching there, he started the convo. We were talking about our hobbies, our likes dislikes. And suddenly he touched my arms & pulled me aside ( No no…nothing romantic ). Car was passing by that’s why he pulled me in.

And i was shivering. His touch. Htouch made me shiver. It was so what u can say electrical may be. I felt some kind of spark. I dont know but that touch made my whole body shiver. I felt something which I can’t explain.

And again this touch incident assured me that he is the one.

Then……. wait for next blog.



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So after FIRST LOVE & LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT. It’s time to begin my love story.

So guys did i told u that i used to call him “YOGAGURU” ( As he used to exercise a lot. And yogaguru sounded cute to me n it suited him perfectly as he is damn cute ).

And did I told u guys about the filmy moment we had . So it was like- after my morning walk I was going home & like me yogaguru was also going home. I was walking right behind him. And suddenly he stopped. He had some issues with his shoes. And he looked back . And at that same moment wind started to flow & my hairs were sailing in air & he was looking straight at me. Wooow…..

Anyway coming back. So after that first face to face with him I was madly in love with him.

So the next day , I decided to start a conversation. And i had a perfect reason too to start the conversation. The reason was to say sorry to him for the awkward moment ( just for him; magical for me) we had yesterday. (Though i was not at all sorry for that).

So i started the Mission- Start a Convo. So I told my friends that i want to apologise to him for being so weird yesterday. So they told me – Go & talk to him directly.

So I gathered every single bit of confidence I had within my body & started walking towards him. And after 2-3 secs, I dont know who but my legs were suddenly in the reverse gear. I was playing this ‘ To & Fro’ game for atleast 1 hour I guess. And my friends were enjoying the scenario ๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ˜’.

And he finished his exercise & was about to leave… when I begged Sai to stop him. And Sai actually stopped him. And Sai started the convo & told him that I want to say something. So he looked at me & his eyes were asking me – What? ( My heart beat was increased to such extend that they were audible to me).

I forgot what i wanted to say. But then i realised that this was the only chance I had. So I said – I’m sorry for yesterday. I was talking to this idiot Sai. And he was lik – Oh. It’s okay. And he flashed that damn smile again.

Then he told us his name. His name was Mayur. (And I was lik- My yogaguru’s name is Mayur. Such a sweet name. Suits him n all).

I was lost in my thoughts until I realised that he is asking everybody’s name. I was the last candidate. He looked at me & asked me my name. And i was like- Mere liye isne question repeat kiya. Wooow. I’m so lucky. ( Yes.Yes…. Pyaar mein log pagal hoo jate he)

Janhavi. I replied. And……And next he extended his hand for handshake. And I was. ………… I was like I can’t explain you what i felt at that moment. It just felt like a dream.

Our first handshake. It was magical. And next I messed things up. He asked us- In which std you all are in???. We replied that we just appeared for 10th board examination. And from there i started to ruin our beautiful moment. And I’m not going to reveal how I messed up. (Sai will kill me if i told u that I showed him my paper during boards as he was sitting right behind me…… Oops !!! Did I just now revealed our secret?).

Anyway he got bored by our insane things & he said bye & went away. And I didn’t mind that much. Because I was happy as hell. I just did handshake with the love of my life. What else could I ask for? ( Well , him. I could ask for him).

Next day I was totally normal. I was on no mission that day. I was walking with neha. And suddenly somebody tapped my shoulder. When I turned back. It was Mayur. My yogaguru- love of my life. I thought I was day dreaming. But he was there for real. He came to me khudse. I was so confused. I didn’t knew how to react ?

And then he said – Hiii. Nikita. He called me Nikita. Like really. I was so disappointed. I had a mini heart attack. I was heart broken. ( Okay. I know I’m over reacting) .

I told him that- Call me jan , janu , janhavi anything u like. But dont call me by other girl’s name. Then he was lik – Okay! Sry Janhavi. And again that smile

Then he started telling me about himself. He had completed his diploma. He was a singer , a boxer , a writer, a composer, a guitarist. (And I was WoooooooW!! He is so talented. Good choice Janhavi).

And the thing he said next really broked my heart.

Wanna know What he said?

Then stay tune.

Till then FEEL ME…..LOVE ME


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So as I told you in my pervious blog , my First Love was a case of Love At First Sight kinda thing….So here’s how it all started…

After 10th Board examination , me n my friends decided to start going for morning walks. So as per our planning , we started going for morning walk. Then on 2nd-3rd day , I noticed him for the very first time.

Lik as I entered the ground (where we used to go for the morning walk) I noticed a boy bending down. His legs were so erect that his face was totally been covered by them. And the first thought that popped up in my mind was “Isko sar he ki nhi?”. And I know that’s a very insane & stupid thought.

But this stupid thought was a milestone . Because due to that stupid thought I had bubbles of curiosity bubbling up in my mind (& heart too๐Ÿ™ˆ) to see that boy.

So I started walking in the direction where he was exercising & sat a bit away from the exact place where he was standing. But then also i was unable to see his face clearly as I had specs (who rather than helping me out ; were resting peacefully in their case at home).

But then also I fell in love with him. I felt some kind of attraction for him. I felt some kind of bond between us. Because out of all the other boys out there , my eyes were fixed only on one guy whose face was not visible to me , who was a total stranger n so on. I don’t know , why?

So the next day , my eyes were on a search mission – Mission finding love of my life. And there he was. At the same place doing exercise.

I kept observing (& secretly loving him) for next 5-6 days. Then I don’t know how but my friends also noticed him or may be they noticed me looking at him. I don’t know exactly what they noticed. But they also started staring him tooo.

We were a group of 5 insane people. Me, neha, siddharth, vijay & sai. He (means the guy i used to stare) used to stare my group too. So we the insane people started making assumptions. My assumptions were he must be staring Neha ( as she is more cute n pretty than me) . And neha’s assumptions were he likes me. And i was lik- What? Really? No yaar. He likes you. ( From inside I was lik- Wow! Great! Yes he likes me. He’s mine n so on) . And boys were neutral. They were interested in just the teasing part.

And one fine day I decided to solve the mystery – whether he likes me or neha??? So I made a plan. He was as usual exercising with his friend. I told neha that I’ll go & take a round & she said fine. So I started my walk & as I came back I saw the biggest badest nightmare coming to life. He changed his place & now he was exercising next to her๐Ÿ˜ข. I had a mini heart attack at that time. I was heart broken. But then also I was happy for neha & I started teasing her like hell ; until the most awesome day of my life arised.

On that day, me & neha were walking as usual & my phone ranged. Sai was calling me. He sounded like he was drunked๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚. He was searching us. So I told him to stay where he is & my wait wait wait was loud enough that the love of my life heard that & he actually stopped. And i was like- No dude, it was for my friend. And u cant believe what he did next.

He flashed the world’s most amazingly beautiful smile & went away. And i was lik totally mesmerised.

And that day I was 100000000% sure that he is the one. And my love for him increased 10000000 times.

Now if u wanna know What happened next . Then stay tune. I’ll be posting it soon.

Till then FEEL ME….. LOVE ME